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Residency Recipients for Writers in the Heartland

Lori Basiewicz Illinois Fiction
Regina Buccola Chicago Poetry/Fiction
Jeanie Hagy Oklahoma Children's Fiction
Elizabeth Hoover Indiana Poetry
Elizabeth Langemak Missouri Poetry
Dan Raeburn Chicago Non-fiction
Melissa Scholes Young Illinois Creative Non-ficiton
Valerie Wallace Chicago Poetry
Karen Hildebrandt Michigan Fiction
Helena Mesa Michigan Poetry
LeAnne Ray Chicago Poetry
Jim Tomlinson Kentucky Fiction
Janice CroomIllinoisStory story
Matt McBrideOhioPoetry
Laura Van ProoyenIllinoisPoetry
Jordan ScrivnerIllinoisNovel
Richard ThomasIllinoisFiction
Stacy TintocalisMissouriNovel
Rachel UnkeferVirginiaNovel

Awards and Publications

Valerie Wallace (2009 Recipient)
Illinois Emerging Writers Competition
2nd place in Poetry for "The Poem Stays"

Elizabeth Langemak (2009 Recipient)
"Illinois Cornfield as Nude Descending Staircase"
Written at The Heartland
Published in Beloit Poetry Journal 2010/2011

Previous Resident's Comments About Heartland
"I thought the residency was wonderful . . . The grounds were tailor-made to inspire creativity."
- Janice Croom
"My week at the Heartland was more productive than I could have hoped. . . The residency is amazing."
- Matt McBride